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Awards & Testimonials

'Great Taste 2019' 3 star winner - Fresh Cream Caramel Latte Fudge

'Here's what the 2021 Judges had to say':


'This is a well made piece of fudge which is both crumbly and creamy, with a brown sugar sweetness and a fiery kick. The ginger is well judged and is warming and nostalgic without being overpowering or raw. This is a perfect holiday treat.'

Here's what the 2019 Great Taste Awards judges have to say!!

'A fantastic-sounding concept and a great appearance - 'Like proper fudge,' one judge said. These have a wonderful texture: creamy and melting, with a delicate crumble. The sea salt is a wonderful addition too, coming through at the end, and mixing well with the coffee and fudge flavours. A couple of judges wanted a touch more of the salt here, though others disagreed. Extremely delicious. Well done.'


'This is exactly what fudge should be! A perfect blend of cream, salt, coffee and sugar this melts in your mouth and has the perfect slight chew that makes this ideal. The flavour of the coffee is well balanced and overall is neither too sweet or too bitter. Absolutely delicious!'


These awards join The Fudge Can’s other 2016 and 2015 award winners! In 2016 we were awarded one gold star for our 'Extra Creamy Vanilla' and one gold star for our 'Vanilla, salted Caramel and Toasted Whole Hazelnut Fudge'

in 2015 we were awarded two stars for their Maple and toasted walnut fresh cream fudge and one star for their original fresh cream Raspberry ripple fudge.


Once again the judges this year praised their ‘delicious and exceptional fudge’ and ‘melt-in-the-mouth crumbly texture’.


Feedback from the experts at The Guild of Fine Food and Great Taste Judges:


'Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Toasted Whole Hazelnut' - 'Good texture that melts well on the tongue. Good hint of salt and the hazelnut works well. Enjoyable.'


'Extra Creamy Vanilla' - 'Pale, creamy colour with a sumptuous melting texture and creamy sweetness with gentle caramel and buttery taste. An outstanding fudge.'


' Maple and toasted walnut': 'This fudge has a wonderful creamy mouth feel and delightful butteriness'. 'The Maple syrup gives it a good tang and the walnuts give a wonderfully toasty flavour that offsets the sweetness.'


This is very well made!'


'A great handmade look to this fudge with walnuts well in evidence'. 'All the described ingredients show themselves well with the nuts giving good texture and character', 'A well judged fudge.' TWO GOLD STARS!


'Raspberry ripple': 'Chunky pieces of gently swirled raspberry fudge'.


'We found the creaminess just right, the fudge not overly sweet and the vanilla level well judged. A good combination of smoothness and crunch.'


'The raspberry is well judged and has a good amount of butter.' ONE GOLD STAR!!

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