'Great Taste' 2015 and 2016 Award winners!

At The Fudge Can LTD, I love to talk about our fudge. That’s because no one produces artisan fudge like The Fudge Can. But I believe it means more when you hear my  customers discuss how passionate we are about our fudge!

We received three stars in total at the Guild of fine foods prestigious 'Great Taste awards  2015' Here's what the judge had to say:

' Maple and toasted walnut': 'This fudge has a wonderful creamy mouth feel and delightful butteriness'. 'The Maple syrup gives it a good tang and the walnuts give a wonderfully toasty flavour that offsets the sweetness.'

This is very well made!'

'A great handmade look to this fudge with walnuts well in evidence'. 'All the described ingredients show themselves well with the nuts giving good texture and character', 'A well judged fudge.'  TWO GOLD STARS!

'Raspberry ripple': 'Chunky pieces of gently swirled raspberry fudge'. 

'We found the creaminess just right, the fudge not overly sweet and the vanilla level well judged. A good combination of smoothness and crunch.'

'The raspberry is well judged and has a good amount of butter.' ONE GOLD STAR!!

They(the flavours) are delicious!! very soft and creamy' xx Shazia

The flavours are just perfect. If it's Vanilla you can taste Vanilla., If it's Chocolate the taste of Chocolate blends in very well '....Poonam.

Hi Jo - Thanks they arrived today and look amazing and I know they taste good. Thanks again ....Victoria Jackson. 

Oh my God - Can you come and live with me!, This fudge is ridiculous!!! (after trying samples) 


Heavenly.... Prolay

Without doubt the most delicious fudge I have ever tasted, Superb!! I have worked out that I can eat half a box without stopping...'  John

This is the best fudge I have ever ever ever tasted in my life cor!!! ..... Carla Ball

Describing in one word: 'Delicious' ... Hidiyah





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